SIBF was fortunate to have Terri Murphy as a speaker for our inaugural Middle East Leadership Academy, which brings together emerging business leaders from Arabic speaking countries throughout the Middle East for an extended 10-day program. It was critical for us to make a good first impression in the region, and Terri played an important role in helping us to achieve our goal. She connected especially well with our audience prior to her presentations, personalized her program according to their individual circumstances, and delivered her material in a professional, engaging and informative manner. What a delight to have her on our team! What Terri did at MELA was well beyond what I was expecting, and surpassed every speaker since!
Bill Starnes - SIBF Member and MELA Curriculum Coordinator

Terri’s Services


Attract, Engage & Connect

Harnessing the Power of Connection… that’s whatTerri does. Just ask around, and you will get a dozen different answers about how to harness the power of getting your message out to your clients, customers, members and prospects.

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Growth through Learning

Do you ever wonder, “What went wrong with this relationship?” If you do, consider the idea that science can work for you as you discover what a prospective significant other is really like.

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Speaking & Consulting

How would you rate your online digital footprint today? On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest ROI, most companies and individuals don’t even know they don’t have one! If you are not seeing the return on investment you expect, you need Terri!

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